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Name:Spock/McCoy: Science/Medical in action.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fanworks and/or discussion of the Spock/McCoy pairing in Star Trek.

This community is for the discussion and sharing of fanworks relating to the Spock/McCoy pairing in Star Trek. Both the original and rebooted (and of course mirrorverse) versions are welcome here, as long as our logical scientist and grumpy doctor are involved.

If there are any concerns, send a PM to [personal profile] pantswarrior.

Posting fanwork:
- These are not hard and fast rules, but guidelines. Just be courteous.
- Feel free to post your work directly in this community, or link to the content in another journal.
- If you are posting fic longer than 100 words, an image larger than 640x480, or multiple images, please use a cut as detailed in this FAQ. Teasers are fine outside the cut, as long as they fall into the above specifications.
- For the safety and comfort of your fellow members, please warn for common triggers. "Choose not to warn" is a valid warning that will let readers know to read at their own risk.
- Pre-slash and even gen is just fine, so long as Spock and McCoy and their interactions are a focus.
- Recs and rec lists are loved, but may be removed at the author/artist's request.
- Community promotions are welcome as long as they pertain specifically to Spock, McCoy, or both. (Since relevant comms aren't as easy to find on DW as they are on LJ, we may be a little lax on this for awhile.)
- If you would like a template for posting fanwork, you may use this one, although it is not a requirement:

<b>Title: </b>
<b>Author/Artist: </b>
<b>Universe: </b>
<b>Additional Pairings/Characters: </b>
<b>Rating: </b>
<b>Warnings: </b>
<b>Summary: </b>
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